Food Recommendation #1: London: Timberyard Seven Dials

In the hunt for a good study spot, one of the best discoveries I made this past winter traipsing around London was the Timberyard Seven Dials cafe, located in Upper St. Martins Street in Covent Garden.

After my first ever Psycle London spin class that morning, I had a good 2 – 3 hours of free time before I had to be at a dinner party, and Timberyard Seven Dials was a great place to sit and get work done before a busy evening of socialising.

While I was there, I ordered a slice of a date loaf and an Earl Grey tea. Although it was a bit on the pricy side, the amazingly fast, free Wifi and cozy ambience made up for the cost. More importantly: during the entire time I was there, I never felt like the baristas were rushing me out the door, even though I easily finished my tea and bread in the first half hour! This really allowed me to settle in and be productive in an environment where I couldn’t nip off, crawl into bed, and take a nap.

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If you’re a student or freelance worker in the London area, I’d highly recommend you give Timberyard a chance.

For days when you don’t want to stay cooped up in the house and need a place to centre yourself to focus on work, Timberyard is a great space in a very central location. While at first glance it may seem like the place is packed, with two floors of seating (check out their cool basement!) and lots of wooden tables, I can guarantee you’ll find a comfy space to settle in and spread out. I love their logo of being a “Workspace powered by purchases”, and I’m excited for next year, when this place can become a regular hangout for me as I move back to London!

– Vanessa

P.S. Yes, I have since nipped back into TY a second time, and ordered their mushroom quiche with tomato soup. Delish!

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