January 2018 Playlist: Study + Relax

Welcome to 2018!

Post-New Years, I always feel a huge drive to get things done, and something that really helps is having the right tunes playing for that frame of mind. This month, I’m focussing on getting lots of writing and research done for my senior thesis (required for graduation in June!) and to bolster that resolution, I’ve curated for you all a bunch of songs that are currently on repeat on my Spotify playlist (no, I do not pay for the premium service).

Check out this playlist and add these songs if you’re looking to get work done (school work or real-life-adult-work), stay focussed and remain in a positive frame of mind.

January is the month of: motivation

The vibes for this month’s playlist are: acoustic, with smooth dulcet voices that will keep you awake, alert and in-tune with your body and mind.

Playtime: 36 minutes (go for a walk at the end to keep yourself fresh, and hit replay when you’re ready to sit down and work again!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 15.35.13


– Vanessa

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