Food Recommendation #2: NYC: Daily Provisions

Located in downtown Manhattan just off Union Square, Daily Provisions is a small cafe that serves amazing fresh food and drinks. Just before flying home to London, I was introduced to the cafe by my boyfriend, and this is a spot that I would highly recommend to anyone in the area. (Not the best picture of food that I have below, but hey, I was hungry!)


As someone who often travels alone, finding quality places to eat where I won’t feel awkward is difficult. While I have found that NYC offers a lot more options in this respect than London, many of the solo-traveller-friendly food places tend to be chain restaurants that lack a variety of choices and a good ambience. While I love Chop’t, Sweetgreen and Chipotle, Daily Provisions is a refreshing (and budget-friendly!) cafe to add to the mix, and is more than a match for these well-known chains.

Having eaten at Daily Provisions for both breakfast and lunch, the three top food items that I would recommend are:

  1. The Everything Croissant with gravlax (breakfast menu)
  2. The bacon sandwich (breakfast menu)
  3. The roast beef sandwich (lunch menu)

Honestly, you can’t go far wrong with anything on their menu, but the three above are the epitome of food porn. The Everything Croissant with gravlax is flaky, buttery and melts in your mouth; the bacon sandwich is crispy and perfectly salty; and the roast beef sandwich is a warm treat on a cold winter’s day.

If any of you are in the downtown NYC area and looking for somewhere new to eat that won’t break the bank, check out Daily Provisions. With their rotating menu of yummy food coming at prices of ~$7 and up, Daily Provisions is a great place to stop and grab a bite. It might be a bit cramped during peak breakfast and lunch hours, but I promise you, it’s well worth the wait.

For more food adventures, check out my accompanying non-BookTube Instagram account @vanessaeatsfood!

– Vanessa

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